Kara Gill

for the love of the craft

Some models just want to look good, others want attention.  And some, just some, genuinely enjoy doing it.  Creating a scene, a short moment that captures other world, is what it’s all about.  If that’s what you’re interested in, you’re in the right place.

With years of experience in modeling and being photographed, Kara is natural who can bring a sense of mystique and wonder to any shoot.  Cosplay and fantasy, dark and moody to natural serenity.  The proof is in the photos.  Take a look at our galleries to see it for yourself.




because why take our word for it…

In these days of internet where anyone can be anything, it can be difficult to tell who is just talking and who is being genuine.  Even pictures can lie… though sometimes that half the fun.

Kara has worked with a number of photographers, amateur and professional, and participated in many events that have expanded her portfolio.  Check out some of the people she has worked with over the years, and decide for yourself.